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Are you Skipping Social? Don't Miss Out!

#Marketing has taken a huge turn in recent years as #consumer trends change! How often do you, yourself take the time to watch an #ad that appears in front of you; whether it’s a commercial, pop-up, or billboard? If there’s a “skip” option, you better believe most people are gonna push it, pay for DVR so they can fast-forward through #commercial interruptions, and switch to paid subscription services like #streaming networks to avoid interruptions altogether! If you’re wondering why the dollars you’ve been pouring into advertising haven’t been paying off, perhaps its because you’re not adapting to the changing times!

Welcome to the Gold Coast Strategy Blog! We make your business our business! At Gold Coast, we help companies adjust to the marketing shift and come up with strategies to better advertise their brand and products! If you’re interested in exploring some of the ways social media can benefit your marketing success, read on!

Nowadays, everyone is always on their devices! Teenagers nearly run into street signs while starting into their phones, and people bring their laptops to their local coffee shop. Technology has become such an integrative part of our everyday lives that it could even be daunting to imagine life without our little digital friends! And this is the first thing we notice from a #marketing perspective!

Social Media is Key!

There are few individuals who aren’t plugged in to social media. Any social media platform is a perfect place for communication, sharing interests and ideas with others, and expressing oneself! You can get a really good idea of who someone is by viewing their Instagram of Facebook pages and viewing your own profile or those of others is a fun way to pass the time! Using such an engaging platform to your advantage as an advertiser is simply a smart move! Many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of advertising on a more personal level as traditional ads are no longer doing the trick and being massively ignored. Utilizing #socialmedia is the perfect way to do this!

You could simply invest in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads, sure! But these avenues are simply more roads that lead to the same dead end. At Gold Coast, our team organizes and manages the social media pages of our clients! We create engaging posts that inspire shares and communication among followers and their friends and that educate companies more about who their target audience is!

If your #brand is participating in putting out interesting content, more people will become interested in your business, its message, and even your sales pitch! Creating content that expresses your brand as personable and relatable can really grow a healthy following of who will become loyal customers! And best of all: as more people tag their friends in comments, share, and like what you have to say, your advertising will essentially take care of itself! Gone are the days of your dollars being spent on an expensive commercial that no one will see or a pop-up ad that only angers the consumers your trying to reach out to! Becoming a part of the marketing shift means involving yourself in the popular habits of your customers!

Do’s and Don’ts

It may sound easy to just throw up a post every now and again on all your newly-created social media #business accounts, but getting people to engage with and share them among themselves is another ballgame! Establishing relatability with your followers is a huge part of being successful at social media marketing.

Tons of business deals take place in low-key, casual, or possibly even upscale venues of entertainment and leisure! Why? Because the salesmen hosting the event are trying to make a personal connection with their potential buyers! They could all just go to an office and sit there while the salesmen put on a slideshow presentation about why their product is so good, and who’s to say this tactic wouldn’t work as well? Studies show that consumers purchase an experience over a product more or less. What you may call schmoozing could actually be the best way to sell something!

Do be relatable with your target audience! Be conscious of the content you’re putting out; it’s your company after all! Think about the things you enjoy seeing on social media! Getting a little personal and selling yourself along with a quality product can really go a long way in wooing your customers over!

You may think keeping other brands out of your posts gives you a better chance of success. The less competition, the better chance you have at making a sale! Right? Well, actually no! Do tag other brands in your posts! The more engaging your content is, the more likely it will be seen by the biggest group of people possible! By tagging other companies and brands in your content, you’re starting a mini partnership: sending your followers to their businesses’ social media pages and also inviting their followers to see yours!

Hashtags are another great way to attract more people outside of your following! By hastagging buzz words in your posts, you are essentially inviting other people who enjoyed posts with similar hashtags to come check out your content too! So, hashtag your little heart out! But, Don’t go overboard! There are plenty of words that are next to worthless, even when you put a hashtag in front of them (ie. #and, #walking #open…). Be mindful of what your hashtags are doing for you! Check out other posts that are related to the content you’re putting out and see what they hashtags in their posts! Inspiration is the heart and soul of social media! Don’t be afraid to explore a little!

Have Fun!

It may sound cheesy, but if you’re having #fun with your social media posts, it will be apparent to your followers! The more you relax, the more personal your posts will sound and the more followers you’ll gain through it! Do make your posts fun and relatable to a wide range of people! You’re selling a quality #product, don’t be shy about it! Instead of telling your consumers why they should do business with you, show them!

Marketing may be a totally different ball game these days and require more effort, but it doesn’t have to be painful process! The more your posts inspire engagement with your followers, the more you will build your following as a result! By tagging other brands and hashtagging buzzwords that grab attention and are affiliated with other popular posts, you’re inviting more people to interact with your content! Finally, by utilizing social media to your advantage as a company, your advertising could be as simple as writing up a fun #post and relying on your followers to spread the word for you!

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