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Every Social Platform Has a Different Purpose

The #content you publish should be planned to act as individual pieces to one big picture! Think of your #branding as a building that's under construction. Each of your #business's posts is a brick, or wooden beam, or cinder block, that when they all come together, placed in just the right way, create the structure that is your #brand!

You should treat every piece of content you put out as its own ingredient to the recipe! Every #socialmedia platform has a different purpose, and learning how to approach creating content for each one begins with understanding which members of your target audience hang out on each one!

Here are a few tips about the most widely utilized #social platforms out there!

#Instagram is primarily an image-sharing platform, so along with great captions and plentiful hashtags, you must make sure you're posting eye-catching imagery! This is the first thing potential followers will see, so it must be something that attracts them while also expressing your brand's message and #values!

#Linkedin is a platform that professionals use to stay #connected, so the language you use in your posts to Linkedin should be equally as professional! Clean-cut and authoritative should be the voice behind your posts! Express your brand's #personality as clearly and concisely as you can without sounding smug or overconfident!

#Facebook nowadays is not as wildly popular as it once was, but it's still a platform used to #share personal photos, experiences, stories, and to communicate with others! Your content on Facebook should be equally as personable and friendly! Do not sacrifice your authoritative voice, per se, but keep in mind that when posting to Facebook that your goal is to sound less like a business and more like a personality!

#Twitter's limited character count means your message should always be short and sweet! Summarize what you can. Don't pack too much information into one post! Think or Twitter posts like the tagline of a #film! You want to draw interest and spark curiosity in your followers to find out more about your #company!

What other #advice do you have for #brands that want to establish their own name on social #media, and what other tips do you have about the platforms listed above?

Tag someone who's interested in growing their #influence and boosting their business!

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